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What is the fastest way to obtain Oramond voting points to advance in Rathleton ranks?
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Putting the link to Eric/Psykiks voting guide here as well for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqKGA8LMf0g

I'm not going to list all the ways to gather points but the 2 most efficient and my favorite ones, you can combine the killing tasks shown in the video when doing the 'to take roots' task but you since you can't stack the kills except for glooth bandits (which you need 300+ points for anyway) you don't save that much time and this is for the most efficient way to get access to selling equipment etc.

To take the roots - This is my favorite method of getting points since it's a very good place to power level at early-mid levels, mainly used by mages and paladins due to the amount of ranged monsters in the spawn. You need to pick up the roots on the south, east and west spawn on the ground floor in around Oramond. If you are successful in picking the roots you will obtain some 'juicy roots' in your backpack, note that you only need to loot them for them to count towards your quest progress and you can thrown them out of your backpack immediately. The roots stack up and you can gather as much as you want but you need a minimum of 5 roots picked for every point. After gathering at least 5 roots you can go to the NPC 'Chavis' (location shown in the video, he's in the south-west part of the old monster filled city) and say Hi > food and keep repeating 'food' as long as you have enough roots picked, you get 1 point for every 5 roots you turn in.

Mages can start doing this at the southern spawn after getting access to Sudden death runes and paladins can start at maybe 70-80+.

Communication Breakdown - This is the fastest way to get points, you need to trap the golems in the houses around the NPC 'Doubleday' and then trap the monsters underground with firewalls (trap method shown in video), lower levels might need some help to set up this trap but it is doable alone as well, it might just take some extra effort. Lower level mages are adviced to use mana shield due to the ranged attacks from the trapped monsters.

When the trap is set you need to click the valves until you get assigned 3 colors and then click the colored levers in the same order as you got them from clicking the valves. Pick up the flask after successfully pulling the correct order of levers and take this to the NPC 'Doubleday' and say Hi > Communication > Yes, a tip is to setup hotkeys for the text messages.

Depending on your level you can get around 50-70 points/h.

Points and their rewards

What are the reward tiers for voting points in Oramond?

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All depends on your level. Eric/Psykik has a great video about it on YouTube (just look up eric oramond). I personally did the roots task while also doing the minotaur hunting. Took awhile but I eventually made it.