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Glowing carrot  and Coal eyes  dropped from Frozen Horror (ice portal Forgotten Knowledge) . They look like the elements we use to make a snowman. Do you know what they are for? if not, do you have any idea what can be with them?

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Good question. I have to say I have no ideia what these items are used for.

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At this moment, no one knows what these items are for. All I know is that they provide a little bit of orange light. My suggestion would be for maybe making a snowman? Maybe they are just decoration? I know that you cannot sell them to any NPC that we're aware of. It seems to be a good idea to keep coal eyes Coal Eyesand the glowing carrot Glowing Carrot for down the road. Maybe something is already or will be implemented. I wish I could give you a better answer than this but this is just from what I know at the moment.