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I wonder how many elemental fields have in Tibia,  and what damage it produces?

For example:  Fire Fields, walking on them will cause you to burn and you will lose 20 hp, followed for others damages of 10 hp each.

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Hi! hope this help you out:

Blue Flames: Blue Flame don't produce any damage, its only a light source.

Energy Field (active): Energy Field (Field) You can do it with an Energy Field rune whether thrown by yourself or by somebody else on an active PVP environment. It deals a base energy damage of 30 for around 7 turns and it diminishes to 25 once the original field has dissapeared.

Energy Field (Neutral): Energy Field (Neutral) same as the one above only this one you won't get hurt by stepping on it and its thrown by someone else while on a neutral or innactive PVP environment.

Fire Field (Active): Fire Fire (Medium)Fire (Small) these are all over tibia, or you can also produce them by using any of the fire field runes, these deal a 20Hp base fire damage for one turn, then a 10hp damage for around 7 turns. it is also the only type of field, as shown in the images, that has 3 stages, you can get hurt by stepping on it during the first two ones, the third one is completely neutral in any instance. Monsters also produce these a lot.

Fire field (Innactive): Fire (Neutral)Fire (Neutral Medium)Fire (Neutral Small) you get  to see these ones while on a neutral PVP interaction, this means someone else used a rune to produce it with a neutral PVP setting.

Harmless gas: Harmless Gas Doesn't produce any damage and you can find it at The Keepers lair (Part of the wrath of the Emperor's quest)

Plant Poison: Plant Poison use to damage The Keeper for 8000 HP (Only way to kill it, boss part of the WOTE quest) it won't produce any damage on a player

Poison Gas (Active): Plant Poison "By stepping on one of these you will get the Poisoned status and take 5 points of damage on contact.Then you will lose damage over time, starting at 5 damage per turn for a total of 4x5+5x4+7x3+10x2+19x1=100 total damage" (Source: Tibia.Fandom.com) -You can also get hit by one of this, product of a PvE  or monster interaction-

Poison Gas (Inactive): Poison Gas (Neutral) Caused by a player using a poison bomb rune in a non-active PvP instance

Searing Fire: Searing Fire These is one of the most harmful fields, you can find these in the levers room that lead to the entrance of the Pits Of Inferno Quest and in some places around the Ankrahmun tombs, you will lose 300Hp due to fire damage when you step on these, that increase by a LOT if you're doing the POI quest and go through the wrong vocation path of these. (For more info check on: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Searing_Fire)

Violet Flame:Violet FlameAppears after you use a Small Amethyst on the Stone Tile with a Socket (Scorpion's Pincer) during the Lion's Rock Quest.

Yellow Flame: Yellow FlameYou can find these in Lion's Rock, they are harmless and only work as a light source.

NOTE: Some people believed in the past that there was a direct relation between the ML of a character and the duration of the field runes used by a character, meaning that, the more ML you had, the more your field runes would last on the ground, which was and still is completely false. Also all the elemental damage will depend on the set or elemental protection you're wearing which might mean you can take less or more damage from these fields

Sources for the gif: Tibia.Fandom.com