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When the World Quest starts, you will notice raids of Cake Golems in ThaisCarlinEdronDarashia or Liberty Bay. These raids happens once per hour starting at the Server Save until the requirements for the second stage are fulfilled.- TibiaFandom

Is there any server message in which city exactly is cake golem raid?

 Is there any way to know in which city raid will appear?

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We have Cake Golemraid every hour. we don't have a message when they appear.

Look, I was just in the Liberty Bay depot and the golems appear. there is no message.

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No, there is no message. I know it because I just did the bestiary.

They also don't respawn at SS, but just exactly 1 hour AFTER the SS. And then in raids every 1h, until 1st phase is completed and bridge in Cormaya is built. After that they stop respawning.

They appear in every city with the cake machine (thais, carlin, darashia, edron and Liberty Bay), without warning messages.
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Does they appear in every city at the same time or each city per hour?