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I have both necklaces (375lvl MS), but I wonder if it's worth carrying it. Is 2% profitable on some spawn? Maybe there is something that has damage with physics and ice and it is better to wear a foxtail instead of a rainbow? Or should I sell?

Rainbow necklace 

  • arm:2
  • +3% physical
  • +6% fire
  • -5% ice
  • lvl: 220

Foxtail amulet 

  • Arm:2
  • +5% physical
  • lvl: 100

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My answer would be... no, there is no need to carry the foxtail if you are lvl 220+ and you got the rainbow one.

The only respawns that the foxtail would be more useful than the rainbow, as you said, are the ones which creatures have ice damage. But the ones that comes to my mind, like ice books, bursters spectre, and others useful for lvls 200+, have better amulets to be used.

Sell it girl! xD
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I have theurgy too and use often more.... sooo 500k it's good price to sell :D
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I got it.. but I have to admit that I never use it in the main char. Only use I give to it is in my lvls 100+ 200-, and even on them I prefer to use, if I have them recharged, the enchanted werewolf amulets, which give you 3 arm, and 6% physical protection
ahh well you also have the usurper at drume that deals a lot of ice damage :P
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By the time this question was made, drume and usurpers were only the dream of some cipsoft member xD
But ye, you r right, so do u use that amulet i
n there?
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I would keep both if you are not urgent with money. Those extra points of defense could save you sometime.