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I currently reside on an optional PVP server and want to know if power abuse is legal on Tibia for all server types. Is there any form of power abuse that is reportable? By this I mean it's known that the guilds harass other players out of respawns or lure etc. But what type of behavior can you report? I'm currently not being power abused but I have a friend that is. It's pretty hard to power abuse now that you can't exiva other players but it still happens.

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Hey, it's sad to hear about it but unfortunately, it is not illegal. Recently I wrote to Cipsoft about some other kind of abuse - verbal, and received an answer saying that "Tibia is a highly competitive game where players often get into conflict because that's how the game works". So basically unless those people write something very harsh that can be reported or go to other means of abusing, this is considered a part of the game play.
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It depends... The only power abusing you can report are things that are written - so you can report some messages on different chats or posts from forum. Disturbing during hunts, kicking out from respawns and in general this kind of entertainment that dominando guilds can provide to lother players is legal. And I can not agree that blocked exiva changed anything... it is easy to find every higher than 500 lvl player, because amount of good respawn for this level is limited.