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I created a mage to do some tasks that I don't have patience to do with my other characters, so I want to do the Necromancer task. When it's safe to start and where should I go to do it fast?

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The minimum level required for this task is 60.
At that level you can already start hunting necromancers on Yalahar's magician quarter, as the stairs provide you safer escape routes.
The task will be completed a lot faster on Drefia, though. But because of the crowded areas you might consider reaching at least level 80+ to hunt in there with ultimate mana potions, as the manadrain spam can easily outdamage the healing of strong mana potions.
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If I were you I would take the task as soon as possible (NPC Lugri, a little north of Thais) and then slowly complete this task over time. For level I would say over 50, because necromancers and the other creatures that count for this task are often found together with various - stronger - monsters.