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As we know there is a announced raid of Giant Spiders among Plains of Havoc.

00:00: The mating season of the giant spiders is at hand. Leave the plains of havoc as fast as you can.

00:09: Giant spiders have gathered on the plains of havoc for their mating season. Beware!

Is it possible to face with The Old Widow during this raid?

+ If yes, does it always spawn or it's random (like pirate bosses during raid on Liberty Bay)?

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I finally saw that raid in game and no the boss don’t always spawn, lots of giants spiders spawn during this raid a lot more than usual but maybe it’s like pirate bosses raid it only has a chance to spawn during the raid..

The best chance to kill the boss is making the killing in the name tasks
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In addition, you also can find the boss outside the raid, I have found it once without any warning