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For example, Undead Cavebear appears every 3 days. If they appear today, you'll need to wait 3 days until he appears again, but if the world is reset to the past day, he'll appear again or only in 3 days?
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Very interesting question +1.
I believe all invasions and bosses are affected when a world-server reset, for example it happens with DC bosses but I'm don't any proof to prove it, so I will follow this question to see if any experienced players that can tell to us.
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Nice question, many players has problems to understand how works world resets.

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I love your question.

I believe that the resets of the worlds are like backups, so in this way, all invasions would be affected and their day count would be returned to the day of the backup. Using your example, if the server was reseted to the previous day's server save, then one day was lost. So if the cave bear should appear today, it will appear tomorrow.

I want to make it clear that we have no evidence of this server behavior.