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Can you tell me all the types of Ice Cream Cones we have in Tibia and how to obtain them all, thanks :) I'm starting a collection.

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 Ice Cream Cone blue-barian flavour - can be obtained from Thawing Dragon Lord Barbarian Arena Quest level Greenhorn 

Ice Cream Cone Chilly Cherry flavour Available from the Barbarian Arena Quest level Scrapper, The Ultimate Challenges Quest

 Ice Cream Cone (Venorean Dream) - Buy from Boozer (Venore) 10gp (Melts after 2 min)Part of the Kissing a Pig Quest

 Ice Cream Cone (Crispy Chocolate Chips) Obtained in The Ultimate Challenges Quest, Warlord Mode.

 Ice Cream Cone Mellow Melon Flavor The item is no longer available. It used to be an award from Cipsoft for participating in competitionsIn the past, some tutors were awarded. In this link you will find people who have obtained them.

 Sweet Strawberry and Velvet Vanilla - It is considered to be an unreachable item.

Source : TibiaFandom, Tibiopedia

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Any chance you can add the ice cream cone name and why cipsoft awarded the green cone? other than that i really like the list thank you for including images :)
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I added some information :)