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In Tibia there are some auto-walk features. The most common way would be to map click (click on the map or the Cyclopedia map). However, my friend told me there's an auto-walk feature by using keys on your keyboard. I know obviously if you press arrow keys or setting up your keyboard to use different ways but this is you manually walking...

So what key combination on my keyboard do I use to auto-walk in Tibia and how does this work exactly?

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To auto-walk in Tibia make sure you have num-lock on and press shift and at the same time press an arrow key your number pad then let go of shift first and then the arrow key you were pressing.

This will make you only walk in one direction endlessly unless you have something in your way it won't go any further. Of course, this is nothing like using map click and this is just a fun little trick that no one knows about that my friend taught me.