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Hello guys!

I'm wondering if there is a webpage or some source that can provide information about tibia history and quests in some easy way? Let me explain - I was doing children of revolution quest, new frontier, and wote. They all provide us some stories about the lizard fight with the emperor. Can I find some source that has all quests, stories collected to read like a book or short article?


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Well knowing all the wiki-like fansites I can tell you there's no such thing. There are several fansites that create RPG Tibia histories but their authors create their own storylines on a Tibia environment and that's about it, if you're interested and know spanish Tibiart.com.ve has a kind of "novel" like that, that develops in chapters from time to time. If you are an english speaker Tibiaevents.com has a great video section with funny stories on it. If you speak portuguese then Tibialife.com.br has some cool stories too. Other than that all you can bet on is that while developing a spoiler from a quest you gather the storyline for the quest from the NPC's dialogs so you get an inside of what was the background for the quest but no fansite or website feels the need to decant the whole story in details since you can just figure it out from the NPC's dialogs as well.