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When I'm hunting with a XP boost and I want to know how much time is left how do I check this? If there's multiple ways to check can you please list them all, thanks!

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first way:

In the skills window you have "XP Gain Rate", if you stop your mouse pointing to this marker,a small window will appear that will have, among other information, "- XP Bost: 50%" and the time left for your boost to end.

Second way:

In the cyclopedia, select the last option "Character" and then General Stats > Character Stats, you will see a window very similar to the skills window above, where you can stop your mouse pointing to "XP Gain Rate" and a small window will apear with the information.

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if you put the cursor on the xp % on the skill window  it show how much time left of bonus and xp boost,