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I want to know the fastest way to exit Mintwallin besides using a teleport scroll or dying of course.

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well on the porpuse of only getting out the fastest way is using a supreme cube, you can use it every 2 hours
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The only faster way to exit Mintwallin iw through the Bonelords. You start making your way back and once you get to the T intersection with 2 rats you go north instead of south, go down the hole (there are 2 bonelords there) and when you emerge you will be at the first part of the maze. This shortcut only works on your way back. It used to be a big time saver back in the day.
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Using an orichalcum pearl on the Knightwatch Tower teleport, however, you must have the Lord Protector or Dread Lord rank of Dreamer's Challenge Quest to gain access.

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where is this teleport exactly im not sure where im sure an image of the map will help me.
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The teleport in Knightwatch Tower only takes you to Mintwallin. It doesn't help you exit any faster.