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I would like to know how many Ancient Lion Knights are accessible and how to reach them?

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as far as the quest is there is only one you can reach is here  ,

only need to talk to NPC Evrard to get access just need to say hi > yes > yes then find the map and pachtment dont need to finish any of the quests just go to him and ask him news
how to get to evrard the miller during the day 

here is edvrard during the night https://tibiamaps.io/map#32405,32493,6:2 (but to get to him you will need to have the quest stared so just to let you know where to find him at night)

How to get the map and patchment 

After this go back to the Npc Evrard and tell him News yes yes, after this you will have access to that ancient lion knight
is the only one known how to be reach im not sure if you even need to get the map and patchment maybe only require to tell the npc news, i know for sure you dont need to complete any of the 5 tasks asked by the residents of Bunac because i went there and only delivered hams and bread 
Source: personal experience and https://www.vivatibia.com

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Sorry it means in my humble opinion as Krwiopalczasty says :)
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Just made an update hope thats better any other suggestions im will read them i try to apply them thanks for your help ^.^
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