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I was looking at ways to speed up the mount/dismount function. I saw you could Control R in game to quickly mount, but I couldn't find any information as to whether or not it is possible to assign an icon for mounting in the action bar. Is this possible? If so, how do I assign a mount/dismount icon to an action bar?
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Maybe putting the hotkey ctrl +r on a square? Gonna test it and come back

Update didnt work at all it takes away the configuration of the mount and puts it in the square
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Hmm interesting. Thanks for testing that method for me mate :)

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I think it is impossible. The only way to assign mount and dismount movement is in General Hotkeys section:

Even if you set the same combination of hotkeys - Ctrl+R on your action bar it means nothing and your character does not react.

The only way to make using mount and dismount is to assign new, better for you hotkey in "General Hotkeys".

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Thanks for confirming this for me mate!
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It's impossible this commander on the action bar, so it's a commander only on the board, you can find it on the hotkeys, it's faster than if used on the action bar.
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it will not work at the action bar but, depends on your mouse, you can use the won mouse software to create a macro where you will mount/dismount with one click.