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I am working on creating a free service home for wandering adventurers in need of supplies and training. My cave home is located under Femor Hills, however this could be a dangerous travel back to their homeland. I was thinking of ways certain objects could be used within a player owned home that could act as a temple teleport. I know players make use of wheat fields, tree walls, and creatures/npcs via stealth to do this outside of  pz. The only method I can think of (in pz) is the use of store bought npc's placed in specific locations that would block the 3-square parameter rule the game uses to activate the temple teleport feature. From what I have been told, store bought npc's can't be dragged but they can be walked through, which means you could (in theory) walk onto their square then log out, which in theory could activate the temple teleport function.

Does anyone know if this is a viable method of creating a temple teleport within a player home? If not, is it possible at all?

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Hey guys, so I spent a few hours testing different methods and theories. I can confirm that it is possible to create a temple teleport in a player owned house if certain conditions are met. I have posted a picture of the temple teleport I have made above. The mine cart teleports you to the square I am standing on, which once you choose to log out, will send the player back to their elected temple. 

This same method should work for guild halls if players can walk down a ladder spot onto a similar bed set up, or other houses with a teleport/ladder feature. 

I am not certain if the system is possible with other items including the NPC store bought item as I cannot test those. If someone is able to, could you confirm that for me? 

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I just did some tests with store items and you will get placed over them,  it works with beds and doors
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Thanks for testing those for me mate!