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There isn't much information on PvP on Optional PvP worlds. The manual does state "Finally, a harmful magic fields does not deal any damage to the character who has cast it". Is this statement accurate?

How would the field runes work exactly? If I through a fire bomb or energy bomb it would not hurt me but it would hurt my allies and members of the guild I am at war with? Do I have to have a certain PvP combat mode enabled to damage them?

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It is accurate that fields don't hurt players and yourself in optional pvp worlds, as proof of that you can look for any video guides for paladin hunts that use fire fields to outsmart creatures like ancient scarabs, when you step on the field absolutely nothing happens, no damage, no burn, no effect, but in pvp activated worlds you do take damage.
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I am asking if your own bombs would hurt you if you are in war mode. Based on the statement in the manual it seems like no. But I have heard they do from some people in game. I have no proof though