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Today I noticed something strange during the fight with Drume boss. A mini-boss monk from falcons appeared to me. it's strange because always appeared falcon. what does it depend on? If we kill this boss, do we also have a chance to drop falcon items?

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Drume often summons one of mini bosses from Falcon Bastion (it is random, which boss appears):

  • Grand Canon Dominius
  • Grand Chaplain Gaunder
  • Grand Commander Soeren
  • Preceptor Lazare

It works like a typical summon - suddenly appear next to the Drume, deals damage, but as soon as you kill Drume, summon will disappear without leaving any loot or corpse.

I noticed that summons don't appear every time. It probably depends on time we spend on killing the main boss. If we kill Drume quickly, maybe he won't be able to summon his Falcon helper.

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nobody from my friends never saw preceptor earlier. I always have Grand Canion. It's really interesing.  It's hard to find corpse, since he is left room with full life at the end. Maybe I should try kill him first than Drume. I'll try next time.
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From my own experience: summons usually don't appear, but if so, then we had Preceptor Lazare few times. That's why I think it is completely random. Today I was talking with guys about this boss and... my friend during fight with the boss noticed two summons from Falcon Bastion.
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According to what I saw at videos of Test Server, the mini boss falcon summoned by Drume don't receive any damage
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yes, he have always full hp. maybe I should try to kill next time if it's possible :D