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I heard the only way to go to Meluna is to get married, but can free account players also access this island?

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For my experience the answer is yes, they can. I have 2 accounts and my characters are married between them. When I got married, one of them was free account and both of them could go to Meluna and use the outfits.
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There are priests with the right to marry in Thais (Lynda), Carlin (Tibra), Ab'Dendriel (Llathriel) and Kazordoon (Ferus). There are no level requirements to be met in order to marry, nor do you require a Premium Account.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Marriage

Since you don't require a premium account to get married and the ferry which takes you to Meluna is located in Fibula, free account players are able to go there for they honeymoon.

  If you are interested in buying items that can only be purchased in Meluna, like cocktail glasses, keep in mind that you can visit and stay in Meluna for 24 hours but if you decide to leave you can't go back, regardless 24 hours haven't passed from your wedding.

I hope you enjoy your honeymoon and I wish you a safe return from Fibula :)