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Hey, I have been testing what will be recorded if a Stuffed Dragon kills you. Tibia wiki notes the following: 'EXTREMELY rare occasions it will damage you for 1 hitpoint and say "You... will.... burn!!". 

I have been trying to activate this on a character who has 1 hp to test it myself, however I have spent over 3 hours pushing a command bar key to activate the damage effect to no avail. I was wondering if anyone has managed to test his or can confirm what will be written in the death log?

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wow! maybe it was bugged earlier and we couldn't get it and now is fixed! ready to test again...
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Unbelievable. I was already slowly losing faith that this was even possible. We are close to solving this riddle. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both of you. @Idontknow how many times have you used Stuffed Dragon so far?
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Amazing work guys thank you. I will be following Mogh's investigations closely :)

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Let me start by saying that this is one question that has not given me peace of mind. I have tried many different approaches to producing this extremely rare effect. Believe me. Getting this effect was not easy. I made over 60,000 attempts to use Stuffed Dragon, and not one of them produced the effect:

You... will.... burn!!

But after many attempts I finally managed to find the answer to this question. It turns out that I was probably using Stuffed Dragon in the wrong way. At first, I kept my Stuffed Dragons in my backpack and used them with a hotkey.

I used this method to make those 60,000 attempts. Without success. In another question on TibiaQA user Smucker presented a screenshot on which we can clearly see how Stuffed Dragon causes the sound "You... will.... burn!!". I will honestly admit that this surprised me a lot. Smucker also presented his method for causing this ectremely rare effect. It turns out that probably the Stuffed Dragon when it is used must be placed not in the backpack but on the ground.

So I put some Stuffed Dragons on the ground and started researching this method. During testing, I used a character that had 1HP to be able to answer just the question above.

I do not know the exact number of attempts I have made with this method. But certainly the number was more than a 1000. And it's finally done!

Yes! A fire effect appeared on my character, and the Stuffed Dragon made a matching sound. To my surprise, however, I did not die.

As you can see in the screenshot below, I was not wearing any Equipment that could protect me from the fire.The screenshot below also shows my character's HP and Server Log.

As you can see this is proof that I did not receive any damage and therefore we can already answer the question clearly:

Nothing will appear in Death Log because using Stuffed Dragon cannot kill you.

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This is awesome! Glad to see my answer helped! Was actually working on this question myself trying to enhance my research with more trials at the same time. Even though you did not count, the rough estimate helps to know that the 0.05% chance of getting the "You...will...burn!" message might be not so far from reality. Congrats on solving this one! We can all now have some piece of mind
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Thanks for the kind words :)
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Good job they could've fixed this like when poison used to be able to kill characters or like the fireworks rockets
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So far it seems like it won't happen if you have 1 HP remaining, yet i will try this untill i get tired of it, I am curious too.

I'll edit my answer if i get an update on this!
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Sounds good mate. I will keep testing it myself. Wiki doesn't indicate the % it takes other than 'extremely rare', though from my math, I have activated the doll around 3 thousand times and received no damage. Unless, it is like a 1 in 10 thousand chance, they might have added a secret feature to the doll not to activate if the player has 1hp remaining, but that seems like extra effort for just 1 item and effort that would mostly go unnoticed. Let me know how you go :)
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what if you have 2 hp left but are using an earth protection item with a penalty for fire? Would this bypass the "block"?
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Interesting! I am going to do some more testing when I return from work and publish any findings here as well. I will try this theory out as well :)
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Sounds like a good theory but in order to reach 2 damage we need like 100% weakness right? I am not sure if there's even 10% weakness to fire jumps to 2 damage or stays at 1.

Looking foward for the theory testing tho.