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What we have on that event? How can we have fun on it?

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Go to Svargrond ship for travels just right next the entrance, walk to the north few steps, theres a fish boat with viking design click on it, you will send to a new island, on the island you must do the following in order so you can unlock the boss room:

1.-Drop a Broken Bell or a Percht Horn from Perchts and Schiach;

2.-Get a Soft Hammer from a barrel;

3.-Use the soft hammer on the 'Bonny Bunny' rabbitt summon around the island and then use the corpse to get a frozen carrot (dont confuse with the Lulufel Bunny those are the ones who drop Yetislippers and must be killed);

4.-Use one snowball on another to get a big one and then use the frozen carrot on it;

5.-Kill the animated snowman and loot a twig arm; (cooldown 30 min)

6.-Use the twig arm on the broken bell or percht horn to disguise as a Percht;

7.-Being a percht now you can acess the boss room on -2 floor; (repeat every 20h)

The Queen Percht

You can fight the queen with up to 5 players, once every 20 hours. The fight is very easy and there is practically no danger of dying, a team of players around level 100 should be enough to do so.

To defeat Queen Percht, you must first unfreeze it.

To do this, you need to follow these steps:

1. As soon as you pull the lever, you will be in a small room with a fire and a green vortex. Use the bonfire and a torch will appear in front of it, pick it up; 2. Step on the green Vortex and your appearance will change to a Leaf Golem; 3. Go down and then quickly go to the other side of the dungeon. Do not go north. When you step near the wall, a Rush Wood tree will appear. Use it 5 times, each time a piece of wood appears in front of the tree, pick it up. 4. Go south, where there will be a small bonfire. If it is not lit, use your torch and light it. Start using the wood at the campfire. 5. After using all the wood, go back to the west side, become the Leaf Golem and repeat this process until a Warm Fire appears. 6. When the Warm Fire appears, the bonfire will stop burning, use a torch again (the torch lasts only about a minute, then you will also need to constantly pick up a new one). So use the bonfire and you will start to burn. 7. Launch the Warm Fire to the north, but be careful because the Percht Minions will try to kill you. Also avoid the ice beams that come from the north of the room. Warm Fire will explode and deal damage to Percht Queen. 8. Repeat the above process until Percht Queen is no longer frozen and can be killed by players.


There are 3 important things to keep in mind:

1. Never walk to the north of the room if you are not turned into a man on fire. You will instantly "freeze" and be teleported out of the battle, with no way to get back.

2. If you do not get near the campfire to the west every few minutes, you will begin to feel cold (You are cold.). If this message appears, quickly go west and walk near the campfire to warm up.

3. To receive the draw, the player must have attacked Percht Queen. Once it is no longer frozen, it will die quickly, so the entire team must be told to do damage to it.

4. After defeating Percht Queen for the first time, you will receive the Percht Raider Outfits.
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This is a very interesting and complete answer! I guess you  actually made a full answer regarding the other event called "Winterlight Solstice". Keep in mind that at the same time we will have the "New Year" event. I guess that my question was somewhat ambiguous, so I will edit it and put it as questioning about the Winterlight Solstice since you made such effort here. Thanks for the contribution!
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By the way, we have how many hunting spots on that island available during the event? For waht level range?
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There is quite big floor level, one level above the ground and 2 levels underground.
Monsters have a little over 600hp and do around 50 distance magic damage (ice and fire) and also around 100-150 dmg beams (also ice and fire), so keep an eye on your hp, because they spam those attacks all the time.
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