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Hello, I'd like to know how to kill Devovorga during the world quest, Rise of Devovorga? I'd like to know about her spawns, what she's immune to, what to attack her with, little tips to avoid possibly dying. Thank you~

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Boss stage information:

Stage 3 will begin between 8 and 14 hours after the next server save once Stage 2 is completed.

Blooms of Doom will now spawn in Devovorga's lair below Vengoth. Kill these with distance attacks because standing next to them will result in your death. Spawns of Devovorga will spawn when the blooms are slain. Kill these and everyone in the area will be teleported to the previous area. Go down the hole again and kill the Spawns of Devovorga again.

The incarnations will now spawn in their lairs again, and for each incarnation that is killed a new Spawn of Devovorga will spawn in her lair. The world must slay these again at the same time as in stage 2. When this is done, all players in Devovorga's lair will be teleported to the area above again. They must go back and slay the Blooms of Doom and the Vulnerable Cocoons. When this is done, Devovorga will spawn again. This time, she will be stronger but not immortal.

Focus all your firepower on Devovorga. When Devovorga is slain, the energy gate in her lair, and all the incarnation portals will lead to the reward room for those who have participated in the event.


Have a Knight with level 250 or higher to block it using many Stone Skin Amulets and Might Rings, as it have very powerful Melee. It can also be trapped with Magic Walls while the shooters stay behind the bridge. This boss can be attacked with anything , he is neutral to all type of dmg.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Devovorga

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Your answer doesn't tell me what she's immune to and what to attack her with~
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Edited , I forgot to put that , sry