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Which is better lion spellbook or umbral master spellbook? If the ultimate goal of a mage is to not get hit why is it so important to load up on physical protection?

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ItemLion SpellbookLion SpellbookUmbral Master SpellbookUmbral Master Spellbook
Magic Level44
Protectionphysical +3%, ice +7%earth +5%, fire +5%, ice +5%, energy +5%
Imbuement Slots1 (Can be imbued with: fire/earth/energy/death/holy/shielding)1 (Can be imbued with: death/holy/shielding)
Level Requirement220250
Price (Optional PVP server Pacera)28-39kk13-19kk

In my opinion, it depends on your preference and other factors. Now, this is my opinion but I like the Lion Spellbook more because of the ability to imbue it with more options. As well as physical protection, which is important to me because of a lot of creatures in Tibia attack with physical. The Lion Spellbook has it's downsides with the price and how you can't imbue it with the ice protection because it already has this element, so if you're okay with the 7% than that's fine. But if you're hunting Ice Library, for example, you might want more ice protection. I don't hunt the Library, so this isn't a problem for me. I think also the price can make a huge difference to a lot of players. If you're not sure about what spellbook you want my biggest advice, just look into what you usually imbue your current spellbook with or make a list of what you currently hunt to see if it's worth it to you. If you don't use imbuements on your spellbook than maybe you can just stick with the Umbral as it gives you a wide range of protection already.