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So, on this double i struggled hard to hunt on my mage and i had to settle to a less common hunt that i knew (Yalahar Quaras), and that made me think about this question.

I'm in need of decent places where very few ppl go or know about, not only to go in case better respawns are taken, but also for bestiary, etc.

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Hi, There is lots of places where you can hut:

Oramond West

- Lizard City

- The Inquistion

- Old Fortress 

- Glooth Bandits 

- Goroma Demons

- Demona

- Deeper Banuta

Talahu Medusas

- Werebeasts

- 5 places with good For Profit & Bestiary - Brimston Bugs, Soueater, Mutated Tigers, Mutated Bats,  Behemots, Wailing Widows, Cults, Monks

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most of these locations aren't unusual and are crowded like glooth bandits. besides that, a good list for a lvl 200
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Well, unfortunately if we are looking for "decent", it will be impossible to look very obscure ones.  Still going through options to add more... :)