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I'm wondering because almost all items can be imbued, even backpacks and boots, why can't legs?

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The only research I was able to find about why legs aren't able to be imbued is the following CM official response-

"...Certain types of equipment, such as legs or rings and amulets, or certain effects are not yet available since we plan to enrich and expand the imbuing system in future updates. Moreover, we also plan to incorporate already existing ways to enhance items (enchanting, charging) at some point of time."

Source: News: The Challenger - Special Edition: Imbuing

I wanted to add that as the game goes on there are updates. The first set of imbuements appeared in the Winter Update of 2016. Then in the Winter Update of 2017 backpacks were able to be imbued. Who knows maybe legs will be added to the list soon!

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Sounds interesting! Yeah, I think that rest of the tokens (copper, iron, patinium and titanium) weren't created without any reason. For now we can buy imbue items for gold tokens, enchant items for silver tokens, we will see what will be the purpose of other tokens.