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I get that there are some monsters that even a lvl 8 can complete with eas. But I was thinking more like, easy monsters with a big spawn or maybe some monsters that need a fewer amount of kills that will go really fast to do with out regards of lvls :)

Edit: I'm looking for the easiest monster to get done in the bestiary.
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Sry, I'm little confuse. Are u asking for the easiest, or for a list with easy creatures to complete bestiary?
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Sorry if my question is confusing, I'm meaning the easiest monster.
Even if a list with easy monsters would be appreciated ^^

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Particularly it would be for me:

Water Buffalo -30 Charms

Crystal Wolf -50 Charms

Thornfire Wolf- 50 Charms

are free zone and only then you get 130 points.
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Interesting! And thats a lot of points! :D
But are there good spawns to get them done? :)
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You only need to be at level 15 and in the crystal wolf. To find one, extinguish the flames in Shadowthorn during the World Change Thornfire.

Good luck. ;)