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Pretty much as the main question, on my server today could appears Shrolg, I went to the cave and there is a guy killing the bog raiders, I was outside waiting but he stay there for like 30 min, he actually kill the bog raiders, and stay on the safe spot and then run again to kill the bog raiders. He also used the coal basin, for no reason.

I'm not sure, but is possible that of do this, he could "block" the spawn of the boss?
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One of the sentence here is not finished, so I'm not sure what you mean there, but hope my answer is helpful.

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Interesting thread about blocking bosses you can find here: 


But let me explain it here once again:

In my opinion it is not possible to block the boss spawn, but you can block floor reset and this one may have influence on boss' spawn.

Years ago I tested it on my own, then I used to write - that it is possible to block the boss, but players said I'm not right, because the boss appeared suddenly next to them. Bosses usually appear some time after floor resets. In my opinion the time may be random, it's not like it spawns just after reset floor. If you stand there for a short time and floor reset took place - it is possible that the boss will appear next to you. BUT! If you stand few hours or even whole day without any break on boss' spawn, then you block floor resets and due to this you may block the boss. That's why camping bosses, for example Ocyakao for hours is simply stupid. On the other hand a camper may logout for some time, then let the floor reset and also let the boss appear.

Worth to mention that you can block reset floor on quite big area, not only on your level. Standing directly below Man in the Cave spawn place - blocks it. Also standing on a +1 level on Nibelor blocks reset floor on a level 0.

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Like your answer, not sure if its correct or not but you put time into researching it so +1 my edit was to change 'sudenly - suddenly'