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Who are the NPCs of Rookgaard and what do they do for work or what's their occupation?
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 (26 NPCs)

Al Dee [Tool Dealer]

Amber  [Traveler]

An Orc Guard [GUARD]

Asralius   [Priest]

Billy [Food Merchant]

Blind Orc [Weapon Merchant]

Carlos [Food Merchant]

Cipfried [Monge]

Dallheim [GUARD]

Dixi [Armor Merchant]

Hyacinth [Magic Item Merchant]

Lee'Delle [Weapon Merchant]

Lily [Magic Item Merchant]

Loui [Monk]

Norma [Food Merchant]

Obi [Weapon Merchant]

Paulie [Banker]

Santiago [Fisherman]

Seymour [Librarian]

The Oracle [Oracle]

Tom [Tanner]

Vascalir [Roleplay]

Willie [Food Merchant]

Zerbrus [guard]

Zirella [Fisherman]