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I'm wondering what the max points is before you promote to the next rank in "killing in the name of..." at Grizzly Adams.

For each lvl range there is a limit, I just dont know what the limit is. Do someone know? :)

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Here is a table with the points of each rank:

RankGained PointsLevel RequiredReward
Huntsman1065,000 exp, ability to sell Cyclops Trophies and Minotaur Trophies (500 gp each), Lizard Trophies (8000 gp each) and Draken Trophies (15000 gp each), and ability to sell some Creature ProductsHuntsman achievement.
Ranger2068,000 exp, ability to travel with Lorek to BanutaChor and near the mountain pass to Darama.
Big Game Hunter405010,000 exp, ability to sell Orc Trophies (1000 gp each), Deer TrophiesLion Trophies and Wolf Trophies (3000 gp each) and Bonebeast Trophies (6000 gp).
Trophy Hunter708015,000 exp, Demon Backpack, ability to sell Demon Trophies (40,000 gp), Behemoth Trophies (20,000 gp), Werebear Trophies (11,000 gp), Dragon Lord Trophies (10,000 gp), Wereboar Trophies (10,000 gp), Werebadger Trophies (9000 gp), Werefox Trophies (9000 gp) and Disgusting Trophies (3000 gp), ability to buy Demon Backpacks (1000 gp), ability to kill Demodras and Tiquandas Revenge (if the further requirements are met).
Elite Hunter10013030,000 exp, ability to start the 6666 Demons task, Elite Hunter achievement.

SOURCE: TibiaFandom

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Thank you very much :D