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How many Slime Fungus need to be cleaned in the basement of the Mad Mage's Tower to trigger boss' spawn?

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There are a total of 350 slimes in the basement that need to be cleaned. For you to have access to kill the boss you need to have cleaned at least 25 slime or you will be teleported out when the raid starts.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Their_Master%27s_Voice_World_Change
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I have corrected the quesion, since it is probably what jad meant.
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First you need to clean all slime fungus in the floor. This will make the servants appears, then you need to kill all 20 waves of servants to make the boss appear.

Note 1: If you clean at least 25 fungus, you gain access to cave until the boss appear, so if another person comes and clean all other fungus and kill the waves, you still can kill the boss

Note 2: You can make this with your friends, so it's easier and faster to kill the boss, once you can do it as many times you want to