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Some creatures can heal themselves. I was wondering if you damaged a creature, for example hit it to red health so it would run away. Would it heal itself if nobody was close to it? I know creatures don't move if no one is close enough.

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A creature will heal if it has this ability, regardless of whether a player is close to it or not.

I do not know exactly how the system works about creatures not moving when there is no player close, but I can give an example of Frost Flower Asura which we use to trap at mirror and they always recovery their life.
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Not exactly. I just asked that question here https://www.tibiaqa.com/21219/what-circumstances-cause-you-to-be-out-of-range-of-a-creature. I know there are certain circumstances where you can see creatures on a higher level that aren't moving until you go up closer to them. The best option I guess to test this scenario would to be go to a spawn that people don't frequent, hit a creature to red, then go away for a few minutes and come back to see if it has healed.
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I´m not sure if all creature has this behavior to stop moving when ppl are not close. The example I give you about Frost Flower Asura  is one example, wjhile I'm hunting none pass close them and they keep healing
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I'll wait to see if anyone else has some feedback before accepting your answer. Thanks for the details!