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Where can make hard hunting tasks. I wanna do 2 hard tasks in one hunt. I play solo, 803 rp. I can play only 3 hours daily.
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Suggestion- If you're asking for just your specific vocation and level I would add that to your question "Which hard 800x hunting tasks can I do together as level 800 RP solo" if you want for all vocations I would leave it as it is but add if you want to do it solo or with a team? Or let us know and we'll edit your question for you. This just makes it easier to give you better answers.

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Here are a few options I could think of that you should be able to do solo.

  • Demons and Grim Reaper in Oramond
  • Draken Spellweaver, Draken Elite, Draken Abomination in Palace
  • Breach Brood, Dread Intruder, Reality Reaver, Sparkion in Otherworld
  • Retching Horror and Choking Fear in Rosh or Nm Isles
  • Guzzlemaw and Frazzlemaw in Rosh
  • Diremaw and Deeperowm in Gnome Hub
  • Tunnel Tyrant and Cave Devourer in WZ5
  • Werelion and Werelioness in Darashia (White Lion as well but there aren't as many of them)
  • Summer Elves or Winter Elves have multiple spawns in each area or they are mixed in the dungeon
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I Think dream courts castle monsters can be done too.
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Meant to add those but I forgot. Thanks!
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Gazer Spectres + Thanatursus @ Port Hope
Ripper Spectres + Gazer Spectres + Burster Spectres + Arachnophobicas @ Buried Cathedral
Humongous Fungus + Hideous Fungus @ WZ 1
Son of Verminor + Defiler @ PoI
Falcon Knight + Falcon Paladin @ Falcon Bastion
Undead Elite Gladiator + Skeleton Elite Warrior @ Darashia
Spiky Carnivor + Menacing Carnivor @ Port Hope
Cobra Assassin + Cobra Scout + Cobra Visier @ Cobra Bastion