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We can read the inscriptions on the statues by standing at a radius of two sqm from the statue at the same level. But what about the statues standing one floor higher? For example, this sorcerer statue in the Yalahar magician quarter? (image below)

Is there any way to read this inscription?

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Maybe trying putting parcel and stacking yourself at high as the statue? maybe it might help
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Good idea! I just tried this though and it still only said "You are too far away to read it." even though I did next to it.
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I tried this. Unfortunately it didn't help to read the inscription.
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I've tried it with parcels, boxes, crystal pedestals with no luck as well.. I tried looking from different squares around the statue and that didn't work either. I tried levitating or looking from different buildings and that also didn't work hm.. lol what a mystery.