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Apparently, 15 of these creatures is spawning east to Port Hope, close to Deeper Banuta. I am looking for all the places where exactly Terrified Elephant spawns during Stampede Mini World Change.

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Terrified Elephant 

"Hooooot-Toooooot!"; "Tooooot!"; "Trooooot!".

Location: East of Port Hope and south of Banuta.

Map change message:

Stampede! The Ape God has stirred up Tiquanda's elephants again!

16 of them can be found on site during Stampede Mini World Change.

By killing 5 Terrified Elephants, you will earn the "Monkey God Trail" achievement.

Tibia fandom note:

Appears only during the Stampede Mini World Change. Terrified elephants are extremely fast to load (as fast as a level 200 player), but the charge only lasts about 5 seconds, after which they are very slow again.

Charm Points - 15

Loot: 0-3 Hams, 0-4 Meats, 0-2 Tusks, Tusk Shield (very rare).

It is possible to block the respawn of this creature. Hand-to-hand combat. Fight to the death.

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I am not sure about spawning and numbers- I saw pictures with 5 terrified elephants close each other - same screen, but not more than 5 of them.  I saw Xarkos post that there should be 16 of them  https://www.tibiaqa.com/13420/are-the-terrified-elephant-from-mini-world-change-stampede-part-bestiary?show=13420#q13420, and then somewhere else it was written 15.  So any more precise locations of this creatures will be appreciated.

‘Fast load” - is not really best to use it in this context - I believe you mean they are quick to charge-/attack.  ‘XD”- my dirty brain loled- sorry about it:D
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I remember when I came on the Terrified Elephants respawn for the first time I met 16 of them, but then every time I came back to the spot, even after 10-15 minutes when resp should be full - I met only 15. Probably one of them has really slow resp time.