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The cooldown for a Brass-Shod Chest is most likely 20 hours but I'm not sure if this has been confirmed. There are several of these chests in the Falcon Bastion and Cobra Bastion. You can see them here:

I was curios if you can open all of these chests each day after the cooldown reset? I believe there are 10 chests in Cobra Bastion and 7 chests in the Falcon Bastion. Can you open all 17 of these each day? Or only one in each area?

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Yes, you can open multiple Brass-Shod chest per day. The cold-down is per chest- not group of them. Which means you can collect items from all chests on same day, same hour, and after cool down time you will be able to repeat the process. 

As an example:

Video from YouTube from Falcon bastion  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5ATo99DFjUw

Video timings where player was opening chests: 

4:49 key- you will always get only the key 0909 from this chest, as it is part of the quest and it provides the access to specific rooms in Falcon bastion;

 7:48 empty, ( still cool-down)

10;05 empty, ( still cool-down)

13:20 roasted dragon wings.

Another video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FANFaUTZ-FI

11:44 - 18 platinum coins

13:50 - 18 platinum coins

15:50 - death ring

Another video- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f7wpWhBTY9U

05:20- golden inglot

06;05 - 18 platinum coins

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Is the key chest a one time only chest that is different than the other daily reward chests? Why are the other chests empty? Do you have confirmation of being able to collect multiple rewards that aren't a one time reward (if the key is a one time reward)?
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Modified answer slightly.