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My friend and I want to decorate our houses with the nice trees which are obtainable through the following crowns from the Cults of Tibia Quest:

  • Leaf Crown Leaf Crown.gif - Your Magical Tree (Druid).gif
  • Reflecting Crown Reflecting Crown.gif - Your Magical Tree (Sorcerer).gif
  • Iron Crown Iron Crown.gif - Your Magical Tree (Knight).gif
  • Incandescent Crown Incandescent Crown.gif - Your Magical Tree (Paladin).gif

We play on a really empty server, so the crowns are never for sell in the market.

I wonder if there is an easy and fast way to obtain all of the crowns on your own or in a team of 2 people? What would you recommend us?

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I know some fansite members are participating on this fansite aswell. I would appreciate if someone can link me maybe an article for this aswell if someone knows more about this topic! Thank you in advance :)

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The only easy or fast way to get the crown would be to buy it from the market which you said is not an option for you. The only other option would be to do the whole questline and beat the final boss and you will be rewarded the crown at the end of the questline depending on your vocation. There are 5 bosses that have to be defeated before gaining access to the main boss. Depending on your levels and vocations you could duo all of these.

As for the final boss it is a team of up to 10 players. I'm unsure what the minimum amount of players would be to do it. The only way to get all the crowns you wanted would be to get a team of players to do this questline and buy the crowns from the other vocations once you've completed it.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Cults_of_Tibia_Quest/Spoiler#The_Source_of_Corruption
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it's one easy way - buy on market hahah :D
but you're right. it's difficult to find person. It was hard for me on Antica!
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I'll add that to my answer. I just left it out because they stated that wasn't an option for them. But it is technically the easiest way.
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Thank you for your answer. I was hoping for some "make chars and do the quest as two" or something like that but I guess, as you already mentioned, the Endboss is too difficult for that.
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If you were high enough level you could probably do the final boss with 5 or 6 people and carry a noob character through but may be a little tricky.