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Hi, I know this exact same question about houses already exists as: Can I own more than one house? but my question is aimed to guildhouses, I couldn't find any information about this on the manual in Tibia's website and I really wish to know if as a guild leader I am able to rent more than one guildhouse, It would be cool to have more than one place for the members of my guild to chill around tibia.

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From Tibia Manual:

Guildhalls are houses that are specifically designed to be used by guilds. Only a guild leader can rent one and invite guild members or other characters to the guildhall. This way, even free account players can get a home for their characters! Also guild leaders can make areas within the guildhall inaccessible to certain characters by giving door rights only to specific characters.

Further, all guildhalls are equipped with a depot locker. All people invited to the guildhall can access their depot chest, inbox and the Market from this depot locker.

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Hi! Yes I saw that but this is not specific enough, as the context of the phrase “only a guild leader can rent one” doesn’t comply to the changes they’ve recently done to houses, this part of the manual wasn’t changed at all, that’s why I have a doubt on this. I mean, yes a guild leader can rent a guildhouse but, can he rent more than one? Does it goes by the same rule of being able to have more than a house? I’m afraid this extract from the manual isn’t clear enough on that. But thanks!
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