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Protection Zone is a specific zone where we can leave our character without any worry that something bad will happen to us. It can be also a lifesaver in PvP situations or when you look for a temporary shelter from the creatures. I am aware that TibiaFandom offers a small list of Protection Zones, however, it does not contain several places- as an example-  The Percht Queens Island. I am looking for the full and updated list of the Protection Zone's (PZ) which we can find in Tibia and where I will get the  Within Protection Zone icon in my Special Condition bar.

Therefore, where or in which places can I find Protection Zone's (PZ)?

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Port hope there is a zone north of asuras, its like a hole close to the mountain that has a waterfall (actually is to getting there). Also the spots that are docks.

Teleports usually cant be used when you are with skull so you can get into banuta and the pk will stay out..

tell me places and i can tell you some more answers :D
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do you mean place where the blessing is sold? or somewhere else?
Whatever places you know, please update. otherwise this answer is for me too vague.