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i just saw a streamer got one shot at level 250, so look for it on tibia wiki to my surprise there is no information about his abilities or the damage it does and the types i would like to know that

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I'm unsure of all of the boss's attacks and damages but the main mechanic the room that can get people killed is every few seconds the players in the room will have the appearance changed between a Fire Elemental and a Water Elemental. Every round an AoE spell will shoot around your character doing either Fire or Ice damage depending on the elemental you are.

If you are standing next to a person that is a different elemental form that you, you will damage each other for approximately 2,000~ damage.
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its not melee because i went with my team after that clip and asked the knight what kind of damage was he taking, he told me mostly fire, the thing is that our knight is 900, average level of our team is 700+ so the damage taken is not form the mechanic since none of us ever get close to the knight, he tanks all the reapers and we kill the boss with fire balls (single target fire rune) so that way we dont have to kill the reapers and they stop spawning after 6, but i starting to play on new servers so i want to figure at wich level a knight can tank this boss but for that i need to know what ability set the boss has to use the best protection
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If you watch the clip you linked above on 0.25x speed the damage pops up in a red blood color which means it is physical not fire damage. I'm not saying he can't do a 3k fire damage hit but based on the clip it looks like he can do it as physical damage with some kind of Melee or Strike spell.
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i know i also though it was melee because i did the same and told that to the streamer wich she replied that is a spell so that made me go with my team after i saw my knight get hit 3602 damage, the same red damage i asked him what kind of damage was he taking he told me mostly fire around 90% and i also asked him that, that the hit was red but hes not so curious so only told me the analyzer tells me is fire so that made me question what kind of abilities this boss had when i looked it up at the tibia wiki there was no answer so thats why i made this question since i cant test it myself because im druid