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I'm trying to solo a behemoth with my rook char on the test server, but I can't find a good spot.
It'd be best if the location was not too narrow, so I can run in circles and attack with arrows.
In the worst case, it can be a location with 2 behes, maybe someone could block the other one while I'm soloing.

I've found a spot with 3 behes on a mountain in liberty bay, but even if someone else kills 2 behes, they will respawn while I'm soloing the 3rd one.

And by the way, where is this place?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0syG0fRO9ls

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The place on the video is Yalahar Zoo +1. You need some requirements to get to Yalahar though... which means you will need to do firstly some tasks.

The Way to Yalahar

First make sure you are a member of the Explorer Society and have the rank of novice or higher, otherwise you will not be able to talk to Captain Max in Liberty Bay. 1

For the better view of maps of the above pics visit Tibiopedia.pl 2

Another place where you could find single Behemoth would be in North-West part of Tarpit Tomb on -7.

So well, there is a cave with one Behemoth in Liberty Bay (Vandura Mountains- Wyrms respawn. However, as you are RP It will not be preferable as  the cave is super small and there is no space to run (and I am sure you seen it)... It is on level +6. Also on the way there you will face many Wyrms. Also on +7 there is spawn with two of them, but yet again- it is narrow. 

On the same level where single behemoth respawn is, as you already mention, you will find few more Behemoths. Possibly it would be a good idea is to drag (not kill) most of them on the end of the spawn and focus on one of them? I would actually recommend you to ask some EK to keep the behemoths occupied while you doing your solo:) There is always someone ready to help!

Spawn marked here:

+5 floor 

And of course... you can try Serpentine Tower ;X 

1. https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/In_Service_of_Yalahar_Quest/Spoiler

2. https://tibiopedia.pl/monsters/Behemoth

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Thx a lot for detailed answer!
That cave with 1 behe is far too small, I wouldn't be able to run away from it. I will just need a blocker for 2 behes while I solo the 3rd one.