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I came across a picture of what looks like the shape of a hidden scorpion made of sandstone among the sand. I am wanting to make my own cool milestone/guild pictures at similar locations. What are all of the hidden creature image location like this in the map?

~Shady Doctor

Image source: Tibia Secrets - Explorer’s Diary - Episode 1

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Hey I wasn't sure if we were allowed to add external forum links outside of fansites, I will see if I can find it/add the source link otherwise I will take a screenshot in game :)
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I got you covered, they are a fansite now
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Nice! Thank you for editing in the inclusion of the source for me :)

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The scorpion in your picture is at Horestis Tomb but I will list all the ones I know of-

Hidden creature image locations for a screenshot:

Fish - Rookgaard from my source: Tibia Fandom - Odd Places

A whale - Tyrsung

Some map images you can see from afar (interesting to note, but sadly won't be good for a screenshot):

Ghost - Spirit Island, Nostalgia

Falcon - Falcon Bastion

Cobra - Cobra Bastion

Lion - Lion Bastion

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Very smart using the maps mate! There are some amazing finds in your comment, I appreciate you going to the effort to include those here.

If you are happy for Shawtay to include your responses he can add those to the current list, otherwise if Shawtay is happy for you to take his answers and for you to make a new answer with all of your inclusions I don't mind reselecting the best answer :)

The second last pic is brutal haha.
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Also, you can edit your question to make the body of it suggest you can include the creature images from the map as well (so it's not just for screenshots)
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lol, i didnt knew XD i checked the option now (im still new on that)... im going to make as answer also with the images... tyy!! i dont mind about the best answer, i just though i couldnt make another answer
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I've collected for you some of the ones I've seen and know on map.. or maybe I have a lot of imagination. 

I took everything from TibiaMaps.io

- Brain
- Snowflake
- Snake
- Falcon
- Seadra (i swear, i can see this animal hahaha)
- Ghost with devil's horn and tail
- Pentagram
- Snakes of the head of medusa
- Snake
- Another Pentagram
- The combination of a face with a man with a beard
- Bat
- Heart balloon
- I swear I see a paw

image image image

image image image image image imageimage image image image image
{I didn't included the lion, ghost that is above and also I included more than creatures...)

I didn't knew I could make as another answer, so sorry about the spam, have this on comments too! =*