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I was reading through some older questions here and noticed a question answered which details all of the fansite items that have been created, including the ones you can no longer obtain here:

I was wondering though, what are the current (as of 2021) fansite items one can still obtain? 

I am looking at compiling a rare collection sometime in the future and would love to know which ones I can earn myself and which ones I can no longer earn and should look at purchasing from a player (if possible).

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The Best way of checking which items are still obtainable by winning/contributing or being a member(admin, moderator) of the website is to go to tibia.com and on main page on the right handside you will find section for Fansites, just click on "view all fansites" --> https://www.tibia.com/community/?subtopic=fansites .

This will provide you an actual & updated list of all active fansites with representative Fansite items. There will be also small details about what type is the fansite. 

Currently you can earn fansite items by contributing for: TibiaQa, TibiaRoyal1; Guildstats, Tibiapedia.

Currently very active fansites with regular contests: TibiaBosses, TibiaHome, TibiaEvents, TibiaGoals, Tibiaria, Tibiopedia.pl

You can also check those on following page: https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/Fansites  But I do not recommend to rely on the fansite's in this matter, as they might not be up to date. For example TibiaWikiBR shows Baby Munster in active section, where the website was temporarily suspended. Also, VivaTibia is not updated with the new item made by Makadamia. 

1. TibiaRoyal left Fansite program on 16th July 2021- https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=6241&fbegind=28&fbeginm=6&fbeginy=2021&fendd=28&fendm=7&fendy=2021&flist=11111111

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The complete list of Fansite Items can be seen on the related page in the English TibiaWiki. There, you can also see a list of fansite items that cannot be obtained in contests anymore because the corresponding fansites are no longer part of the fansite programme:

Abacus, Bag of Oriental Spices, Bookworm Doll, Cateroide's Doll, Dragon Eye, Dragon Goblet, Draken Doll, Friendship Amulet, Frozen Heart, Golden Falcon, Golden Newspaper, Goromaphone, Hand Puppets, Imortus, Jade Amulet, Key of Numerous Locks, Loremaster Doll, Mathmaster Shield, Medusa Skull, Music Box, Noble Sword, Norseman Doll, Old Radio, Orc's Jaw Shredder, Phoenix Statue, Pigeon Trophy, Tibiacity Encyclopedia, TibiaHispano Emblem and The Mexcalibur.

As mentioned by Idontknow, Rookie is in a special condition. Even though it is no longer listed on Tibia.com fansites section, it was not officially removed from the Fansites Programme yet, and can still be added again to the fansites section in the future. This is the reason why it is still considered a Supported Fansite in TibiaWiki and its item, Baby Munster, is not in the list of unobtainable fansite items.