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Hello, I wonder how I can change look of artefact carpets. Do I need get something by myself?

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  1. First you have to do the Adventures of Galthen Quest, otherwise you won't be able to change any of the carpets.
  2. Then, do the quests related to the artefacts corresponding to each colorful carpet you want to make.
  3. Get the folded artefact carpets you want. After doing step #1 you can buy them directly from NPC John in Bounac for 10,000 gold each.
  4. Unfold the artefact carpets in your house or guildhall.
  5. Select option Use with..., then click on the corresponding artefact*.

*Artefact carpets and their corresponding artefacts can be seen on the table below.

Artefact CarpetArtefact
Folded Artefact Carpet IMegasylvan Sapling
Folded Artefact Carpet IIThe Spatial Warp Almanac
Folded Artefact Carpet IIIThe True Book of Death
Folded Artefact Carpet IVThe Supreme Cube
Folded Artefact Carpet VRing of Ending
Folded Artefact Carpet VIThe Cobra Amulet
Note About Two Souls

The following screenshot shows the artefacts and how the carpets look like after they're used on the artefacts (thanks Lee kun for the pic!).

Artefacts and carpets

Steps #1 and #2 were confirmed by CM Skerio on this post in the Auditorium.

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The only one I have the related quest is The Cube, and I coudn't use it. The other carpets I have are the Seed of Life, and True Book of Death but none worked.
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I don't have The Adventures of Galthen sou I couldn't colour any of the carpets. Kept testing with some friends and discovered you can only colour the one you have the related quest, even after defeating Megasylvan Yselda! Something that overachievers would never guess.
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Yeah, CM Skerio confirmed that today. I just adjusted my answer.