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I always wondered what is the relation between the normal minos, Oramond minos and cultists. Oramond minos would be like gods for the other minos in terms of strength, but what do they think about each other? How come they are so much more powerful?

Do any NPCs talk about it? Are they friends? Enemies? Don't care about each other?

Why would the minotaur king on Mintwallin settle for Minotaur Guards? Cant he call Moohtah Warriors to defend him? Or maybe even train Moohtah Warriors since clearly they are like Captain America compared to humans/regular minos.

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Mintwalin is the homeland of all Minos. Oramond and Cult Minos are the "new/younger generation" of minos from the Mintwalin. Oramond and Cult's left Mintwalin for specific reasons- Oramond decided to leave their home to look for new - promised land 1 where Cults left and dedicated their life to False God2. Cults power is from the False God2, where Oramond minotaurs power was gained due to regime training, advanced teachings, natural evolving or natural- born "gift"- untamed rage. 

You can find description of Oramond minotaurs in the book  "The Fauna and Flora of the Isle of Oramond" by Doctor Alaistar Stanton. 1

While the minotaurs are the newer arrivals, both have been settled here long enough to vie for supremacy of the island, trying to eradicate the other. Yet while our own origins are still shrouded in mist, there are ancient ruins on this isle that seem man-made. The minotaurs seem to have evolved on another island or continent though. They are not natives to this isle who left and returned when the mist lifted, but are new arrivals on this isle, which they immediately claimed as their own. Closer examination of their camps and habits led me to the hypothesis that they may have followed a call of some bold chieftain or supreme ruler of theirs, searching for a holy, paradisical land, which led them to the isle and which they must defend from the grip of barbarians, the humans.

Minotaur Cults worship and are controlled by False God and that's what makes them stronger than normal ones 2

It seems that Oramond Minos are minotaurs that have been "outcasted"/ discriminated/ misunderstood in the Mintwalin for some specific reasons (see below). We can read that in monsters descriptions. 

- Intelligence - both EQ and IQ are either low and or above the minotaurs average. Some are being called "uncivilised", therefore, they were avoided in Mintwall- you can see it in description of Moohtant 1 

(...)Despite their strength and arguably usefulness they are shunned and despised by minotaur society. They are the lowest of the low and mistrusted. Oddly enough their handlers and trainers are usually regarded with admiration, because they take it upon them to handle the unclean so that the rest of the society can ignore their existence. Hardly more intelligent then a dog and only able to use the most simple tools and weapons the moohtants, as they are called by humans, are rarely deployed in battle unless times are very desperate. While the rulers of civilized places like Mintwalin tend to tow them away out of sight and use them in remote mines, younger communities can't afford such luxury and use their power with often dangerous frequency.

- Different Religion, believes and philosophy

Then the Worm Priestess believes in Great Worm and they actually lead the minotaurs from Mintwalin to a promised land. 

The worm priests revere the great worm of legend, that lead several families of minotaurs from oppression in Mintwalin to a land that should be theirs to conquer. Although foremost prominent in the mentioned new founded kingdom the teachings of the great worm had a lure in several minotaur communities. Associated with freedom and renewal the cult is mostly disliked by officials and often forbidden. Such laws though sparked even more interest in the teaching that the rules deemed obviously to dangerous for their subjects to know. In reality most worm priests are individualists and self-proclaimed prophets that the great worm entrusted with special insights. There is no true unified church of the worm yet and even the few things that are considered basic teachings are up to interpretation. Most worm priests are highly skilled alchemists first, preachers second and always also accomplished magicians, often for some reasons defectors of the death cult. Most of their displayed miracles are product of their elixirs and salves, others are easily recognized as some basic magic. It's quite rare that worm priests work together. Whenever this occurs usually a very potent worm priest had unified them by force and guile and is pulling their strings. As a unified cult has yet to emerge, fights amongst worm priests and their followers against another sect of the cult are common and usually bloody. All sects regard Harraz, the first prophet of the worm as holy but even in the interpretation of the few of his passed down words there is no agreement. For now the cult is strongest in the clans of ZZZ where it originated. Since a triumvirate had been established as leadership it is in a good position to endure, but arguments in this inner circle makes progress slow and tedious. 3

The Minotaur Amazon represents a Feminist minotaur- and they believe in Great Mother- know as Holy Cow. 4 They previously had the position of a healer in their society, this was changed by "Ralda"- a wandering priestess. 

The minotaur amazons are an all-female minotaur sect that revere the great mother, also known as holy cow. They consider themselves as the mothers of the minotaur nations and are extremely protective about them. In former days the amazon were respected healer-preachers of their faith and even tiny settlements often had a crone, providing knowledge and healing to those in need. Less prone to rage then their male counterparts they often worked as spiritual advisors and were responsible to calm those lost in their rage. Since the latter could be quite dangerous the amazons always received some form of combat training.After years of peaceful stagnation, the raising threats and pressure to minotaur societies led to a change though. Ralda, a wandering priestess took it upon her to renew their faith and change it through new doctrines. The peaceful and rather passive role switched gradually into a more protective and active one. The combat training became more emphasized and the amazons began to accompany their people into battles. This change gained more and more in momentum by it success and was at last adapted even by societies that never had come into contact with Raldo themselves. With this change what in the past had been an informal group of like minded people, became also a more and more formalized order. To become an amazon a minotauress had to be mother of at least four calves. Though they server the ties to their former families they renew them by becoming the mothers of all their people, sworn to treat and protect their nation like they did for their own former families. The amazons, though skilled fighters are also the caretakers and healers for their brethren and sisters. They are well educated and schooled not only in battle but also in tactics, logistics and several other topics important for the survival of their society. Most of them are skilled moohsicians, which is the title of the most skilful singers of the society and arguments between amazons are often settled in singing contests. Amazons are loyal for their nation first and their race second. They fight side by side with their nation even against other minotaur societies.

 Mooh'Tah Warriors disapproves minotaur society and they focus on ancient minotaur philosophy. 6 

The mooh'tah warriors are elite soldiers that dedicated their life to the philosophical teachings of this ancient minotaur philosophy. While each minotaurs is taught the basic principles of the mooh'tah only a few chosen are able to follow its teachings truly. They basic principles are meant to help the minotaurs to ease their inner rage, which is considered as unclean and offensive. The ultimate goal is to not only master the inner anger but dissolve it into spiritual energy. The ultimate idea is instead of dedicating energy to fight the anger, in the end the anger becomes additional energy and therefore supply of enormous power. Since the true path of mooh'tah requires not only dedication but also time and resources, it's usually the nobility that can afford to indulge the studies. While the first lessons are basic and primary consists of philosophic teachings, soon also the body is honed. Beginning with breathing techniques and continuing with the correct way to move, the training becomes over the years more and more martial. As the first lessons teach the spirit and the body to become one, the higher teachings concern the flow of magic and making a weapon a part of their body. The great goal is the unity with the world. This goal is never truly accomplished though and only a few mooh'tah masters are even attempting the impossible and instead concentrate more on their martial progress. This self centred usage of the mooh'tah is considered sinful and false by a few purists. Those usually live as hermits away from minotaur society that they see as rotten and misguided. Still they are often sought out by students that ask for guidance but more often then not those are brusquely turned away. Though their disapproval of minotaur society is well known the hermits are held in high regard by the populace.
The more worldly mooh'tah masters are usually part of the local military hierarchy and sometimes form highly valued elite squads within an army. Extremely efficient and unyielding fighters they serve as inspiration for the common troops and sometimes one mooh'tah master alone is enough to turn the tides of battle. Skilled in the art of war and in possession of secret magic they are the epitome of all that a minotaur could want to be. Towards non minotaurs that are obviously not even aware of the principle of mooh'tah they usually only feel disgust, but it would be of course beneath a true master to show that.

Execowtioner seems to be a law enforcement for the Minotaurs society. 7

The minotaurs know several sects with several purposes. The mooh'tah masters and the death magicians being the most prominent outside the minotaur society. One of the most secretive sects is what the minotaurs call the high judges. They are the sheriffs, judges and executioners of the minotaurs, combined into a single person. They are almost seen as mythical figures and are structured like a military order and a secret society at once. No one knows who hides beneath their shrouds and masks. They are faceless as justice itself. The requirements to join their order is as unknown as their recruitment process. They rarely talk to outsiders other then to proclaim a sentence. Recently the order has stepped forward from the shadows though and their grandmaster proclaimed a death sentence to all enemies of minotaurhood. This places the high judges into the first lines of battle. In the first encounters not only their battle prowesses could be noticed but it also became alarmingly clear that they are not short in numbers yet no one knows for terrain about their manpower. Another mystery is that there are sects of high judges in almost all notable minotaur colonies and they all seem to follow the orders of a single grandmaster, regardless of the colonies allegiances. How the different sects communicate and coordinate even on different continents is yet another riddle though. It can be said for certain that two high judges will never fight each other in battle but the sect rarely fight in inner minotaur conflicts anyway. Usually they travel alone and pass their sentences on those they find guilty. People may come to them to mediate conflicts or seek justice and the high judges will answer their plea ... for a price. It's commonplace to present the high judges gifts for their expected services. Sometimes a high judge might feel offended by the gift and leave, sometimes he considers it an insult and instantly delivers his sentence for the grievance. So usually the gifts to the judges are quite generous and a high judge can expect free food and lodging wherever he travels. The judges are seemingly bound in their doings by something they call 'the code' which probably is some kind of text with laws. The tricky thing is, that this code as almost everything else concerning the judges is secret. The ordinary minotaur can only guess by the sentences what the code might consider forbidden and what not. This leaves them with only a vague feeling what is forbidden and what not. Considering the often harsh punishment that the judges delver most minotaurs tend to keep it save and stay away from everything that even remotely could be considered a crime. The moniker 'execowtioner' was given them by human adventurers who first encountered the sect. Calling a high judge execowtioner though, is asking him for a death sentence.

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