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      Megasylvan Plant

I know how to get the Megasylvan plant, my question is to cultivate, is it necessary to add water to the Megasylvan plant, if so, does it die when I don't add water?

Would it be the same mechanics as the plants obtained during the Flower Month event, which requires water, and the Ice Flower Seeds item, that would make your plants immortal?

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The answer to the related question says the following: "A toucan may appear if you feed the plant mangoes or melons."

If I don't feed the plant, won't it show up? What is its time of appearance in the plant?

image:Megasylvan Plant - Tibia Wiki

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Could someone please check the two questions if they really are similar? Personally I look for another answer.
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I just noticed you changed the title. It looks much better now! The word "cultivation" may imply different growing stages which is related to the other question.

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As any other wrappable item, there is no risk of loosing a Megasylvan Plant if you don't interact with it. Unlike other wrappable items such as furniture, megasylvan plants can't be destructed by using a weapon on them.

The only (known) way to interact with it is by feeding it with bananas, dragonfruitsmangoesmelons, pineapples and prickly pears. (There is no way to water it nor can you use Ice Flower Seeds on it.) When feeding it, you have about 10% chance that a toucan will appear till you "use" it again. In this state, the plant can't be fed anymore.

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that's exactly the question. My question is about the regalá, people may not be able to read the arguments that I will repeat: “it would be the same mechanics as the plants obtained in the Flower Month event, which requires water, and in the Ice Flower Seeds item, which would it be if make your plants immortal? "

I believe someone should check my question and your answer. I'm not asking how to get the plant.
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Well, if the "growing" process is totally different from flower pots, i.e you don't water it for it to grow, there is no reason to assume you would need to do something in order to keep it alive. Anyway, after you edited the question, I've removed the flag  and edited my answer.
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I just edited the answer with more info we gathered on some tests done today.