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From the first time i saw the Brainstealer, a question appeared on my mind: what are these points that appear bellow the name of our characters, and what are they supposed to do when we get more than X points?

First of all, i need to introduce you to why i'm asking this. I will explain and show here examples of these points:


In the image above we can see two characters with the points bellow their names. One of them has 1, and the other 10. From time to time these points decreases, and when this happen they lose hitpoints as death damage, all I know at the moment is that this is something like Madness Points, caused by the Brainstealer. 


In the other way, this image we can see two points in higher values (226 and 19). In the Tibia.Fandom, the information is that all these points makes us more vulnerable to the Brain Parasites in the room, but as all on this quest has punishment points that put we in danger to lose the task/boss, my bigger question is: What happens if i receive 500+ points, this can kick me from the boss room, or another kind of punishment?

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I don't think he can kick you from the room, my team tested it and we got to almost 170 points and the only thing that happened was receiving more damage. What makes you earn more Madness points is getting hit from the boss wave. What you can do to lower this Madness Point is attack the small larva that keeps appearing during the battle.

I hope it helps you! :) Good luck =*

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I've killed the boss in two players (ek + ed), i got almost 300 points, didn't saw any changes on the damage (since i was blocking the boss, 3 larvas and one energy at the same time, and some of the time without sio because the ed was doing the mechanics). No damage increased in my perception, so i guess this can do another thing i don't know at the moment. I will try to better check this, but something must happen to justify the existence of these points.
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Maybe u were using the right set. My ek didnt made any efforts to think what was the best to use xD
But is kinda funny, because we really took extra damage.. I will ask him to test one more time.