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as we know, we can now handle 3 houses on one character on the same world. I started auctioning for one house but I can't start another one on the same character (what I can understand). My question is, if I create another character on the same world and on the same account, will I be able to bid another house? Or do I have to wait until the auction on that first house ends?

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Bidding as also house transfer is account-bond "cool-down" - not the character one. 

Several Houses per Character per Game World

The restriction to only be able to rent one house per game world has been lifted. While the limit of three houses per account remains, you can now choose to rent more buildings on one world. You can only bid on one house per account at a time and you can either only bid on a house or transfer a house at a time. 1

If you would like to get two houses at the same time, you would need access to another account or ask your friend to do it on your behalf and then transfer it to you. Also please note that this cool-down is for the transfer and bidding at the same time. Kindly see manual how to do it2:

b) Buying and Selling Houses
If you do not want to auction for a house, or if no interesting house is currently available, there is another option: perhaps you can buy a house from another player. There is a special trade option which allows players to carry out safe transfers of houses to make sure there are no misunderstandings.
A character that owns a house can initiate a transfer on the Houses section in the Cyclopedia or on the Tibia website.

  • Selling a house ingame:
    The owner must select the house in the Cyclopedia and click on the button "Transfer" to open the house transfer dialog. There the owner can specify the date of the transfer, the name of the character to which the house will be transferred, and the amount of money this character has to pay. Note that the date of the transfer must be in the future, but no more than 30 days. You can also transfer your house to another character of your own account as long as it lives on the same game world. To transfer the house for free set the amount to 0 gold.
    Once the owner has filled in the form and confirmed the transfer, the target character can accept or reject the deal when viewing the house in the Cyclopedia or the Houses section. This player must accept the deal before the date of the transfer and make sure to have the required amount of gold pieces in the bank account. House transfers will be cancelled in any of the following cases: if the future owner rejects the transfer, if he does not accept the deal, or if he does not have the required amount of money in his bank account. Please note that the house owner can cancel the deal at any time until the transfer is accepted by the receiver of the house. To do so, the owner has to select the house in the Cyclopedia, click on "Cancel Transfer" and confirm the dialog by clicking on the corresponding button.

1. https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=5272

2. https://www.tibia.com/gameguides/?subtopic=manual&section=houses#gettinghouses

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Thank you so much for that answer!
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Houses are private buildings that can be rented by players. They can be found anywhere in Tibia. Houses come in three forms: there are normal houses that are designed as resting places for single characters or for small groups of friends, shops in which players can build up a prospering business, and guildhalls in which whole guilds can find shelter!

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