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The lore of tibia is deep and really fascinating almost everything have a deeper meaning awaiting for us to unveil it, between that huge lore exists the Djinns factions, Marid vs Efreet, blue vs green which now are on crude war to eradicate each other, there are a lot of hints and key points on this story:

  • Blue Djinns choose to follow Daraman under Gabel leadership.
  • Green Djinns struggled with that idea and separated blue.
  • Even if at first sight Blue Djinns seems the good one, there's something that doesn't fit into the whole story, and that something is: Alesar.
  • Before the Orc King free him, Malor was caged on a lamp, so at some point they was free of Malor.

Now lets go to the questions:

  1. Where did Djinn come from or when did they appear? What they used to do before they fought themselves?
  2. Why did they start a war between themselves?
  3. Why was Malor caught? When that happened? How was the Orc King able to free him?
  4. Why did Gabel choose to follow Daraman? Why is Malor so unwilling to follow him?
  5. What happened with Alesar? Why being a Blue Djinn did he leave his clan and joined Malor?
  6. What does the colour of their skin have to do with their factions?

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Djins are a race created by Zathroth during the age of creation, through books found in both Djinns's Fortresses, it is implied that the whole continent of Darama (including Tiquanda) was the tibia equivalent of Christianity's Garden of Eden where the whole continent was like Tiquanda today and the birth place of the human race in tibia.

At some point in time Ankrahmun was built (with the help of Zao lizards which at the time were already in control of Banuta and the jungles of Tiquanda) and became the center of knowledge and prosperity. Unfortunately the Orcs became aware of this and began raiding the continent along side the undead which lead to the corruption of humans and the formation of cults (necromancy) which would eventually lead to the foundation of Drefia.

The human race, understanding that there wouldn't be any help from the gods, started to reorganize itself and amidst this, the first human known as Banor and a prophet guided by the gods known as Daraman helped the human race to prepare for the conflicts ahead. Ankrahmun had already established a Pharoh dynasty and system of government by this time.

Daraman was captured by the Djinns at some point and was sentenced to death by Gabel (Djinns Leader) and would have been killed by Malor (General at the time) but for some reason Gabel changed his mind at last second and spared Daraman's life. Gabel then started to learn from Daraman and followed his philosophy of peaceful coexistence between Djinns and humans which would cause the rift in the Djinn race between those who would follow Daraman (Gabel) and those who would not (Malor). All Djinns were created with blue skin and only those allied with Malor would eventually change their skin color to green later on.

Through a series of machinations and alliances, Efreets formed an alliance with Drefia and Marids formed an alliance with Ankrahmun and so began what is known as the Djinn Wars. This war lead both sides to extreme actions in order to win the conflict, it ended when Efreets in their combined magic powers, decided to create huge firestorms which lead to the destruction of the region where only a barren desert now remains.

Immediate consequences of the conflict were: the defeat and later imprisonment of Malor inside a lamp (Gabel's plan to end the war), the destruction of Drefia by the Marid, Banor leading humanity to conquer new lands (i.e main tibia continent) and remaining humans travelling to northern Darama to establish a new city called Darashia, guided by the philosophy of Daraman based on ascension.

Gabel ordered the lamp to be taken away from Darama, far to the north of the known world, little did he know that the orcs would choose the same lands to build a fortress (Ulderek's Rock), eventually the lamp would be found by the orcs. The king ordered his shamans to release the spirit trapped inside the lamp unaware of what would happen next and so Malor would be freed and the orc king cursed to live forever as a giant slime.

The rift in the Djinn race is still going to this day with both factions living an uneasy truce, accepting aid from humans to sabotage one another in exchange of riches.

About the Djinn Wars:

About the Early History of Darama:

About the History of the prophet Daraman:


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