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Whether we want it or not swearing is part of the game. Some NPCs react to words that are commonly considered inappropriate / offensive.

I apologize for the inappropriate words in the examples below. I hope I am not breaking the TibiaQA rules with this. But I had to give some examples since their use is possible in the game.

I'd like to know about all the NPCs reacting to these types of words.

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I posed a similar question (not specific to swearing) here, which contains a large list of NPC's which will respond attacking the player in some form once prompted. An example is the Wrinkled Bonelord who throws fire if you call him Blinky (he finds it offensive). Unfortunately, Tibia Wiki doesn't list the offensive words in their transcript (I went to check), so if someone wanted to test each NPC individually in game from that list and narrow it down we could confirm it. 


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I think it would be helpful to list the npcs that respond to swearing then edit your answer if you discover more npcs
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The question I asked is pretty much asking the same thing as what this guy is asking. I have provided the list which was answered and indicated the transcripts are not found on wiki so if someone wanted to manually find each NPC in game and test they could expand on this answer.

To be frank, unless someone tests every NPC in game you wont find the actual answer given the transcripts for swearing are prohibited.

This answer is probably the best he will get, but I have left it open and provided the resources and means for someone else to expand on my answer if they wish. I am sure if someone goes to that length it will be selected as the 'best' answer.

Check the link I provided.
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Of course. The questions are quite similar but not exactly. I gave three examples of NPCs. Note that they don't deal damage when swearing is spoken. That's why they weren't listed as those NPCs in your question. Also, there are NPCs on the damage NPC list that deal damage not from swearing but from other words. If you properly combine the NPCs from my question and your question then I will definitely mark your answer as the best. I know my question is not an easy one but I asked it as you did out of curiosity. :) BTW I was the one who answered your question and provided a list of those NPCs :)
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